How It Works

We have made every effort to simplify the difficult task of finding a new or replacement electric motor. If you know your model number, you can enter it in the search bar or else you may use our Motor Finder to aid you in your search. The Motor Finder tool in designed to effortlessly assist you in finding the correct motor. It’s as simple as selecting the criteria in each field that applies to your needs, which in turn will generate all potential options. If at any time you are having trouble finding the correct motor or would simply like to ask a question, contact us at

When you have completed your shopping you will be prompted to check out and pay by credit card. Shortly after check out you will receive a follow-up email containing a bill for your shipping total. In an effort to save you money shipping expenses will not be billed at the time of purchase, but rather once we have hand selected the best shipping route and carrier. This is done to accommodate for the complex logistics of shipping your package from different potential locations. After completion of the shipping payment, your package will be on its way.

*Products that qualify for free shipping will be processed after the initial check out.